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The HBSCC Charitable Fund

Developing and Supporting Leaders Who Make a Positive Difference in the Chicago Area since 2004


The HBSCC Charitable Fund was created by a generous grant from the HBS Club of Chicago in 2004. Since that time, all proceeds from our annual "Distinguished Leadership" dinner have been donated to the Fund. The Fund focuses on improving leadership and management knowledge among executives of Chicago area not-for-profit organizations by annually sponsoring local leaders to attend the HBS "Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management" (“SPNM”) course. Contributions to the Charitable Fund can be made: Here!!!



The Harvard Business School Club of Chicago Charitable Fund sponsors Chicago based organizations by providing scholarships for nonprofit leaders so they can attend the annual SPNM program in Boston, MA.    

The summer program teaches NPO leaders the necessary skills and tools so they can survive in an unpredictable economic climate, and so they may successfully move their respective organization to the next generation.  

To capture SPNM's reach and impact, the HBSCC Charitable Fund developed two short projects to capture the perspective of organizations that have been helped as well as the smaller, more intimate stories that display just how far The Fund's help and support reaches.  

The first of these two projects highlights the North Lawndale Employment Network, whose mission is to help past offenders adjust to normal life after prison, including finding employment. CLICK HERE to view this project.

The second video is about the world renowned Chicago Children's Choir, which brings children of diverse backgrounds together and unites them with the power of music.  CLICK HERE to view this project.

These two projects were produced by Tommy Grevlos, co-founder of the new multimedia storytelling agency, bthecaus.  



Three Chicago Nonprofit Leaders Awarded Fellowships at Harvard Business School

Chicago, IL – May 1, 2013

The Harvard Business School Club of Chicago and HBSCC Charitable Fund (the “Fund”) are pleased to name three Chicago-area nonprofit executive directors as 2013 Fellows. They are:

  • Brian Fabes of Civic Consulting Alliance. Civic Consulting invests $15 million of private sector, pro bono services in the things that matter most -- education, public safety, healthcare, and more -- in Chicago every year.
  • Sandee Kastrul of i.c.stars. i.c.stars is a workforce development and social enterprise that  trains and places disadvantaged youth in paying IT jobs. Placement rate: 95%. Job retention rate: 80%. Annual salary before i.c.stars: $10,000. Annual salary after i.c.stars: $42,000.
  • Justine Nagan of Kartemquin Films. Kartemquin strives to spark democracy through documentary. A leading voice for independent media for over 45 years, it has nurtured hundreds of emerging and professional social issue filmmakers while producing Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters, among other notable works.   
Each year the Fund awards its fellowships to a select group of Chicago’s leading nonprofit executives. The fellowships allow them to attend at no cost the Harvard Business School (“HBS”) Strategic Perspectives for Non-Profit Managers (“SPNM”) course held on the School’s campus each July.

SPNM is recognized as perhaps the world’s most prominent graduate-level program for nonprofit executive directors. At SPNM, HBS faculty works with 140 nonprofit leaders from around the globe to refine their missions and develop new creative, entrepreneurial strategies for succeeding in these challenging times.

 “Our three Fellows this year were selected from a pool of about 30 nominees – all of them highly qualified. The award recognizes truly outstanding nonprofit management and contribution to the Chicagoland community,” said Ryan Kuhn, Fellowship Committee Chairman.

The Fellowships are funded by contributions made to the Fund. In the last 11 years, the Fund has granted 28 fellowships at a cost of about $150,000.

Bruce Mumford, Co-President of the HBS Club of Chicago added, “Chicago is remarkable for the talent and commitment that hundreds of local nonprofit leaders bring to our community. It is our privilege to recognize only a few of the talented leaders that live in our area.” 
For further information about Roman Nomitch Fellowships, please call the Club office at 847/256-4846.

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Fellowship Recipients (click on underlined link for further information):


• Juan Rangel, United Neighborhood Organization (UNO)
• Greg White, LEARN Charter School Network
• Josephine Lee, Chicago Children’s Choir
• Donnita Travis, By the Hand Club

• Michelle Morrison, Youth Guidance
• Mike Anderer, San Miguel Schools Chicago
• Josh Anderson, Teach for America, Chicago

• Margaret Frisbie, Friends of the Chicago River
• Juan Salgado, Instituto del Progreso Latino
• Modesto Valle, Center on Halsted 

• Karl L. Androes, Reading in Motion
• Donald J. Dew, Habilitative Systems, Inc.

• Brenda Palms Barber, North Lawndale Employment Network 
• Lila Leff, Umoja
• Eric Weinheimer, Cara

• Mark Ishaug, AIDS Foundation of Chicago
• Michael Tiknis, Harris Theater 

• Kim Day, Perspectives Charter Schools
• John White, Teach for America

• Shawn E. Jeffers, Little City Foundation
• Richard L. Jones, Metropolitan Family Services

• Jean Butzen, Lakefront Supportive Housing
• Janet M. Knupp, Chicago Public Education Fund

• Duffie A. Adelson, Merit School of Music
• Ann R. Alvarez, Casa Central

In 2007, the Fund established a partnership with the Chicago Public Schools ("CPS") and to-date has sponsored sixteen people to attend the week-long "Public Employee Leadership Program" (“PELP”) at HBS. PELP was developed jointly by HBS and the Harvard School of Education. More information about this effort can be found at www.hbs.edu/pelp/.

Proceeds from this year's Distinguished Leader Award Dinner went entirely to the HBSCC Charitable Fund. We intend to continue this practice in the future so that our annual recognition of a local business leader enables us to give back to the community that supports us all.

For more information, please contact:
Kathleen M. Jackson, MBA '86, Founder and President
Director of Client Relations Center
1901 Butterfield Road, Suite 450, Downers Grove, IL 60515
Telephone: (630) 353-2346   Cell: (312) 399-6856
Fax Number: (630) 353-2364
Email: Kathleen.Jackson@nmfn.com

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