The HBS Club of Chicago (HBSCC) Charitable Fund

The mission of the Charitable Fund is to develop and support civic and not-for-profit leaders who make a positive difference in the broader Chicago community.

The fund accomplishes this mission through two strategic planks.

  • Improving leadership and management knowledge among executives of Chicago area not-for-profit organizations by sponsoring local leaders to attend the HBS "Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management" (“SPNM”) course.  A weeklong executive education program on the campus of HBS. 
  • Fostering a constructive dialogue for current and future leaders who make a difference via speaker events and other forums.

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To capture SPNM's reach and impact, the HBSCC Charitable Fund developed two short projects to capture the perspective of organizations that have been helped as well as the smaller, more intimate stories that display just how far The Fund's help and support reaches. 

The first of these two projects highlights the North Lawndale Employment Network, whose mission is to help past offenders adjust to normal life after prison, including finding employment. CLICK HERE to view this project.

The second video is about the world renowned Chicago Children's Choir, which brings children of diverse backgrounds together and unites them with the power of music.  CLICK HERE to view this project.

These two projects were produced by Tommy Grevlos, co-founder of the new multimedia storytelling agency, 

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Four Chicago Nonprofit Leaders Awarded Fellowships at Harvard Business School

Chicago, IL - May 12, 2014

The Harvard Business School Club of Chicago and HBSCC Charitable Fund (the “Fund”) are delighted to name four Chicago-area non-profit executive directors as 2014 Fellows, who have been accepted to the Harvard Business School’s Strategic Perspectives for Non-Profit Managers (“SPNM”) program to be held on the school’s Boston campus this summer.  The following four leaders were selected following a rigorous application and interview process.
  • Jonathan Brereton of Accion Chicago, a microfinance organization that provides credit and other business services to small business owners who do not have access to traditional sources of financing.  Since 2004, Accion Chicago has made more than 2,000 loans to small business owners and disbursed $17 million into the local economy, making it one of the top 10 microlenders in the country.   It has also partnered with the City of Chicago to train and develop microlenders to expand small business financing in Chicago.  Click here to read about Accion

  • Ted Christians of Umoja Student Development Corporation, an organization that partners with Chicago area public schools and districts seeking to increase student attendance and engagement, reduce violence, promote academic achievement and increase graduation and college enrollment rates.  Umoja’s model of College and Career Readiness, Social and Emotional Learning, and Restorative Justice is currently impacting more than 9,000 students and 500 teachers at 12 public high schools across Chicago.  Click here to read about Umoja

  • Jeff McCarter of Free Spirit Media. Each year Free Spirit Media provides education, access and opportunity in media production to over 500 underserved urban youth. Through hands-on and project-based media productions, students are able to build life skills in communication, critical and independent thinking, teamwork, and the use of technology.  This leads to a clear pathway into higher education and career opportunities.  Click here to read about Free Spirit Media

  • Arloa Sutter of Breakthrough Urban Ministries. Breakthrough operates two homeless shelters, a client-choice food pantry and youth center in Chicago’s East Garfield Park.  Breakthrough’s unique network model seeks to transform neighborhoods by partnering with those affected by poverty to build connections, develop skills and open doors of opportunity. Click here to read about Breakthrough Urban Ministries
Since 2003, the Fund has awarded 32 fellowships to a select group of Chicago’s leading nonprofit executives. The fellowships allow them to attend at no cost the Harvard Business School (“HBS”) Strategic Perspectives for Non-Profit Managers (“SPNM”) course held on the School’s campus each July. SPNM is recognized as perhaps the world’s most prominent graduate-level program for nonprofit executive directors. At SPNM, HBS faculty work with 140 nonprofit leaders from around the globe to refine their missions and develop new creative, entrepreneurial strategies for strengthening and growing their organizations.

This year's Fellows were selected from 40 who were nominated. “The diversity and the caliber of the nominations, as always, was exceptionally strong. The greater Chicago area is privileged to have so many outstanding non-profit leaders, and we are delighted to recognize four of them with the opportunity represented by these awards," said Faye Sinnott, Fellowship Committee Chair.

Bruce Mumford, Chairman of the Fund added, “We are delighted to send such a strong slate of Chicago-area leaders to this year’s program.  The interaction with the Harvard faculty and other nonprofit executives from around the globe has proved to be game changing for our fellows, and the growing success of their organizations provides very tangible benefits to the Chicago community.” 
For further information about Roman Nomitch Fellowships, please call the Harvard Business School Club office at 847/256-4846.

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Fellowship Recipients (click on underlined link for further information):

• Brian Fabes, Civic Consulting Alliance
• Sandee Kastrul, i.c.stars.
• Justine Nagan, Kartemquin Films

• Juan Rangel, United Neighborhood Organization (UNO)
• Greg White, LEARN Charter School Network
• Josephine Lee, Chicago Children’s Choir
• Donnita Travis, By the Hand Club

• Michelle Morrison, Youth Guidance
• Mike Anderer, San Miguel Schools Chicago
• Josh Anderson, Teach for America, Chicago

• Margaret Frisbie, Friends of the Chicago River
• Juan Salgado, Instituto del Progreso Latino
• Modesto Valle, Center on Halsted 

• Karl L. Androes, Reading in Motion
• Donald J. Dew, Habilitative Systems, Inc.

• Brenda Palms Barber, North Lawndale Employment Network
• Lila Leff, Umoja
• Eric Weinheimer, Cara

• Mark Ishaug, AIDS Foundation of Chicago
• Michael Tiknis, Harris Theater 

• Kim Day, Perspectives Charter Schools
• John White, Teach for America

• Shawn E. Jeffers, Little City Foundation
• Richard L. Jones, Metropolitan Family Services

• Jean Butzen, Lakefront Supportive Housing
• Janet M. Knupp, Chicago Public Education Fund

• Duffie A. Adelson, Merit School of Music
• Ann R. Alvarez, Casa Central

For more information, please contact:
E. Bruce Mumford MBA1980, Email
Melissa Hayes MBA2007, Email